Windows 10, 8 ,7 Magical shortcuts with combination of Windows Key

Windows 10 shortcuts from which you might be unknown

These are some of the Windows shortcut which will help you to increase your working speed and save your time.

 1.  Alt + Tab - Use to change window tab

This increases your speed when you work on more than one software at a time

  2Window key + D - Display and hide the desktop or Minimize all Open Window.

Many of us have some files on desktop or any application which you want to open. So you can directly reach desktop using this key combination. 

      3. Window key + S - Takes you to search option in start menu

4. Window key + R - Opens Run panel

5. Window key + B + Enter – Open hidden icons which are present in taskbar as shown

6. Window key + T – Navigate through the apps in taskbar or Cycle through apps in the taskbar.

7. Window key + U – Opens display settings in windows 10 

      8.     Window key + L – This key combination use for lock desktop

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